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Jeanz Conference Programme 2004

Wednesday, December 1

10.00-12.30--Powhiri. Welcome by Paul Norris, Head of New Zealand Broadcasting School, CPIT. AGM (President's Address, Treasurer's presentation of accounts, election of officers. General Business: PJR, future registration fees, constitution).


1.15-3.00--Panel discussion on “The Industry Connection”. Presenters: Jim Tucker, Venetia Sherson, Bill Southworth.

3.00-3.20--Afternoon tea

3.30-5.00--Diversity workshop. Facilitator: Sam Sefuiva, manager of the race and ethnicity team of the Human Rights Commission. Introduction: Jim Tucker.

6.00--Pre-dinner drinks

7.00--Dinner at Boater's Restaurant, Christchurch Town Hall. Guest Speaker: Lincoln Tan.
Introduction: Yvonne Densem.

Thursday, December 2

8.30-9.00--Paul Thomson, editor, The Press.

9.05-9.35--Uko Ndaeyo: Breaking with tradition: Journalism teaching needs to turn a new page.

9.40-10.10--Paul Norris: More facts, more analysis, less opinion.

10.15-10.45--Yvonne Densem: Where have all the young men gone?

10.45-11.00--Morning tea

11.00-11.30--Bonita Bingham: The USA experience.

11.35-12.05--Philip Castle:Trauma, Journalists and the DART.

12.10-12.40--Jim Tully: Media and suicide


1.15-1.45--Peter Northcote: Elections and diversity.

1.50-2.20--Grant Hannis: District Health Boards and the print media.

2.25-255--Nadia Elsaka: The ‘Jekyll-Hyde journalist': New Zealand journalists and the pursuit of professionalism.

3.00-3.30--Ruth Thomas: Towards Professionalism: A case study of a student learning to become a journalist.

3.35-4.05--Allison Oosterman: Inky Wayfarers

4.10--Jim Tucker's closing address.

4.30--Afternoon tea