About Us


The Journalism Education Association of NZ opens its membership to everyone interested in the professional education of journalists in New Zealand.Our goals are to:

  • Promote the highest professional standards in the teaching of journalism
  • Collect and disseminate information about journalism education
  • Develop and maintain close relations with mass communication, media and other professional associations
  • Promote the views of the Association
  • Foster research into journalism and journalism education

Promote freedom of expression and communication

Become a Member

The annual sub is $180

To join contact the Treasurer, Cathy Strong (c.r.strong@massey.ac.nz)

Membership Benefits

Member benefits include:

  • Annual subscription to Pacific Journalism Review
  • Invitation to the annual conference
  • Networking with journalism educators throughout
    New Zealand, who are a small but friendly group.
  • Liaison with the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), who collaborate on some conferences.

JEANZ Officers



Karen Neill

Senior Lecturer

New Zealand Broadcasting School, Ara

Cathy Strong (c.r.strong@massey.ac.nz)

Daniel Nielsen  (daniel.nielsen@ara.ac.nz)

Pacific Journalism Review Representative
James Hollings (J.H.Hollings@massey.ac

JEANZ Life Members

Susan Boyd-Bell (2011)
Ruth Thomas (2011)
Alan Samson (2011)
Jim Tully (2011)
Jim Tucker (2012)
Jeremy Smith (2013)
Margie Comrie (2014)