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Conference scholarships

Jeanz offers two scholarships annually to allow researchers to present papers at specific conferences. The first scholarship is available for New Zealand researchers; the second is for Australian researchers.

Scholarship for New Zealand researcher

This scholarship assists a researcher to attend the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA) conference. Jeanz pays the cost of travel and accommodation for the conference, JERAA covers the conference registration and conference dinner fees.

The scholarship is available for a researcher normally based in New Zealand. Applicants do not have to be members of Jeanz, although this is preferred.

To apply, candidates must email the Jeanz President by August 31 in the year they intend attending the conference:
- A 300-word abstract of the paper they intend presenting
- A 150-word description of why attending the conference will benefit them.

If the Jeanz President provisionally accepts an application, the applicant will then need to submit their paper proposal to JERAA. If JERAA accepts the paper for its conference, the applicant can then obtain funding from Jeanz to attend the conference.

After the conference, the successful applicant must submit a 500-word report to Jeanz on their visit to JERAA, for publication on the Jeanz website and, if appropriate, present their report at the next Jeanz conference.
The total value of Jeanz’s contribution to the scholarship is capped at $NZ1500.

Scholarship for Australian researcher

Under this scholarship any member of JERAA proposing to present a paper at the Jeanz conference may apply to have the Jeanz conference fee paid by Jeanz. All other costs (travel, accommodation, etc.) are the applicant’s responsibility.

To apply, each applicant must:
- Apply by email to the Jeanz President for the scholarship by August 31, detailing who they are and how they would benefit from attending the conference.
-  Submit their abstract to the Jeanz President for peer review by a panel of Jeanz members.