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Jeanz AGM 2007 and President's report


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
of the Journalism Education Association of New Zealand Inc

Held at 3pm on Monday, December 10, 2007
at Massey University, 63 Wallace St, Mt Cook, Wellington

Present: (28) Jim Tucker (Whitireia); Queenie Rikihana (Whitireia); Alan Samson (Massey); James Hollings (Massey); Margie Comrie (Massey); Grant Hannis (Massey); Cathy Strong (Massey); Annabel Schuler (Waiariki); Bruce Honeywell (Waiariki); Jim Tully (Canterbury); Greg Treadwell (AUT); Susan Boyd-Bell (AUT); Martin Hirst (AUT); Allan Lee (AUT); David Robie (AUT); Allison Oosterman (AUT): Louise Pagan (SIT); Stu Oldham (SIT); Ed Mason (Unitec); Jocelyn Darling (NZ Broadcasting School); Peter O’Neill (Aoraki); Dale McCord (Aoraki); Virginia Winder (WITT); Robin Martin (WITT); George Lusty (Wintec); Charles Riddle (Wintec); Jeremy Smith (Wintec); Mike Fletcher (JTO) arrived at 3.40pm.

Apologies: Donald Matheson (Canterbury).

Previous Minutes: Accepted: Hollings/Robie.

Matters Arising: Nil

President’s Report: (Attached) Grant Hannis spoke to four issues raised in his report.

  1. Brian Joyce, the JEANZ representative on the JTO retired in August. Hollings/Hannis attended subsequent meetings of the JTO. The executive director of the JTO resigned to take up a position at Whitireia but was co-opted back for a transition period. Mike Fletcher is the new executive director. The new unit standards had been approved and had gone through to NZQA.

From the floor Jim Tully said he hoped that the new version of Intro would be available for the 2008 academic year. Orders should be placed immediately.

Grant Hannis said that a merger of the JTO with PrintNZ had been mooted as the JTO was not undertaking workplace training and was in danger of losing its status as an ITO. If the JTO merged with another ITO it could have access to Government funding.
From the floor Jim Tucker said there were three options to consider:

  • Stay independent – but this was considered too expensive
  • Merge with PrintNZ – would this mean loss of independence? PrintNZ had 600 enrolled in training. It was a healthy organisation and well run. Possibility of a new name if two groups merged.
  • JTO disestablished as an ITO and become a professional body like IPENZ. Industry was not in favour of this option.

At this point Mike Fletcher arrived at the meeting. He said amalgamation with PrintNZ was being discussed but the JTO would want a guarantee that unit standards would be safeguarded. The merger would provide a platform for training. He expected progress to be announced some time in April/May 2008. The JTO was in discussions with NZQA and TEC. Intro was all but ready for printing and orders should be made now. Moderations: 2007 – WITT and Wintec; 2008, Waiariki, Aoraki and Whitireia. Mike Fletcher said industry was happy with the students graduating from diploma courses. The AUT workshop on convergence had been very interesting. Most of the major media groups were considering it but the main message that came through was – stick to the basics.

  1. Grant Hannis reported that incorporation had been instituted in 2007 and the constitution lodged with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. He emphasised that the financial statements of the association must be lodged with the registrar each year.
  1. Grant Hannis reported that the Fairfax internship scheme was to continue into 2008. He said there were difficulties in achieving diversity among the interns. He believed the standard of the students was good, as was the completion rate.
  1. Grant Hannis thanked his executive of Cathy (treasurer), Allison (secretary), Brian, James, Allan Lee (website).

President’s Report: Accepted: Strong/Mason

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy Strong presented the report.

Treasurer’s Report: Accepted: Rikihana/Martin

Pacific Journalism Review Report: The report was tabled. (Attached)
David Robie made three recommendations in his report and these were voted on.

  • That Jeanz and PJR continue the complimentary membership copies arrangement for 2008. Accepted: Strong/Lusty.
  • That JEANZ takes over the mailing. Accepted: Oosterman/Hollings
  • That PJR continues to provide at least one full page advertisement to promote the annual JEANZ conference. Accepted: Pagan/Schuler.

Election of Executive:  Grant Hannis indicated he would not be standing for president again. Cathy Strong indicated she would not be standing as treasurer again.

The 2008 Executive is as follows: Jim Tully - president; Allison Oosterman - vice-president. Donald Matheson - treasurer. Peter O’Neill - secretary. Jim Tucker - JEANZ representative to the JTO; Grant Hannis – alternate/university observer; Allan Lee - website manager.

Other Business: 

  • Annabel Schuler asked that when considering the timing of the annual conference, that organisers remember that the polytechs finish later than the universities.
  • Jeremy Smith talked about teaching shorthand where he and his colleagues at Wintec are using an online programme via UK and Skype.
  • It was decided that the 2008 JEANZ conference would be in the South Island and the 2009 conference at Waiariki.
  • Jim Tully thanked Grant Hannis and his team for organising a successful conference. This was carried by acclamation.

The meeting concluded at 4.50 pm.



This has been another busy year for Jeanz and I would like to focus this report on several main points. As I raise each point, I would welcome any discussion from the members.

1. JTO
Following his retirement, Brian stepped down as JTO rep this year. James Hollings, the alternate Jeanz rep/university observer and I attended the subsequent meetings in Brian’s stead.

The Jeanz reps’ JTO reports have been posted on the Jeanz website throughout the year, so more details on the matters below can be found there.

Mike Fletcher should be joining us after this meeting, which would be a good opportunity to discuss any JTO-related matters with him.

The main points that arose this year were:

a) Departure of Jim Tucker
Jim resigned as Executive Director of the JTO and is now leading the Whitireia Polytech J course. The new Executive Director is Mike Fletcher.

b) New unit standards
The new level 5 unit standards have been finalised and accepted by NZQA. However, there do not appear to have posted on NZQA’s website. I have advised Mike Fletcher of this.

c) Intro book
Jim Tully is editing a new version of Intro. It is hoped that the book will be ready for the 2008 academic year. Jim has been appointed an associate professor at Canterbury. Congratulations, Jim!

d) Merger of JTO with PrintNZ
As the TEC has determined that the JTO does not undertake workplace training, the JTO is set to lose its status as an ITO. This would mean it could not enforce unit standards. It therefore needs to merge with an ITO. The likely partner is PrintNZ. Merging gives it access to government funding too.

e) Liaison Committee guidelines
J Schools complained to the JTO about the detail of these guidelines and the tone in which they were put to J Schools. Now seem to be in abeyance.

2. Incorporated Society
Full incorporation was achieved during the year, with the lodging of our new constitution with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. Please note that financial accounts must be lodged with the Registrar every year in order for registration to remain.

Registrar of Incorporated Societies
Ministry of Economic Development
Private Bag 92061
Auckland Mail Centre 1020

3. Fairfax Interns
The Fairfax Interns scheme went well in 2007 and will continue into next year. AUT has now joined the scheme. I understand there will be about 20 Fairfax Interns in 2008.

4. Executive and others
I would like to thank the members of the Jeanz Executive and others who have worked so hard this year to support Jeanz:

Cathy Strong: Treasurer
Allison Oosterman: Secretary
James Hollings: Alternate Jeanz JTO rep/university observer
Allan Lee: Webmaster

I will not be seeking re-election this year. After three years as Vice President/President, it’s time I made room for someone else to undertake the role.

Please note that, as President, you also have a place on the JEA Executive. It has a conference call once a month. Contact Kathryn Bowd, JEA Secreatry, for details:
Conference call number: 0800 445 701
PIN: 634 0958



Grant Hannis
Jeanz President