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Jeanz Conference 2004


For the JEANZ annual conference to be held at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, Christchurch, December 1 to 3, 2004 .

CONFERENCE THEME: The practice of journalism in an increasingly diverse society

Preference will be given to papers which deal with the theme, but papers on all journalism topics - including those dealing with practical aspects of journalism education, or which offer an academic reflection on training issues - will be considered.

There is space for eight papers, with half-an-hour allotted to each (45 minutes available for some). The time allocation includes question time. If the number of papers accepted exceeds eight, consideration may be given to running papers concurrently.


A brief synopsis and outline must be submitted to the JEANZ executive committee by September 30, 2004. Please email these to Charles Riddle

Completed papers or equivalent presentation material must be submitted to the JEANZ executive committee by October 30, 2004. Email these to

All submissions must be single-spaced, in Microsoft Word and/or PowerPoint format.


The conference is open to members of JEANZ, communications academics and those teaching journalism unit standards or equivalent papers in tertiary and secondary educational institutions. Please register your interest in attending and/or presenting to Yvonne Densem at NZ Broadcasting School -