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Jeanz AGM minutes, Wintec, Hamilton, December 7, 2011

In attendance: Charles Riddle, Richard Walker, Jeremy Smith, Jim Tully, Jim Tucker, Bernie Whelan, Alan lee, Alison Oosterman, Greg Treadwell, Phil McCarthy, Craig Tiriana, Lani Kereopa, Grant Hannis.
Apologies Robin Martin.

Matters arising from the minutes: 

Members agreed that Susan Boyd Bell, Ruth Thomas and Jim Tully be recognised for their contribution to JEANZ through the website. They were all given Certificates of Life Membership.
Members discussed making the treasurer’s role more permanent.

The president reported on moderation procedures. Members discussed who attended moderations. Grant Hannis reported that CMITO wanted a range of representation and an effort should be made to invite reps of the smaller institutions. A motion that JEANZ would pay for one person to attend annual moderations (Charles Riddle/ Jim Tucker) was carried unanimously.  Craig Tiriana expressed interest.

Bernie Whelan reported on the possibility of a joint JEA/JEANZ conference, and described attending the JEA as very valuable.  Grant Hannis outlined the possibilities of co-hosting. AUT reported that it planned to hold a JEA/JEANZ conference in 2013 in Auckland. This was supported by JEANZ (motion by Alison Oosterman, Jim Tucker.)

Members discussed and supported the funding for an Emerging scholar, preferably to come from someone within the JEANZ membership.  Expressions of interest were invited. JEA was to be approached for clarification as it pays for registration. Bernie Whelan to make approach.

Jim Tully delivered the Treasurer’s report. He noted that $11,000 was lodged in a non-cheque account. Discussion on subscriptions which were $130 for all.   A suggested spread was $150 for polytechnics to $180 for universities. The accounts would be audited.

David Robie reported on Pacific Journalism Review and the new website. He asked for an updated membership list. JEANZ members congratulated David on attaining a full professorship, the first professor of journalism in New Zealand. His appointment was described as a “breakthrough for journalism.”

A discussion on textbooks looked at moving entirely to digital copies only. It was agreed Jim Tucker would look at the options.

2012 conference to be at Whitireia, with Bernie Whelan to be president, and Destina Munro secretary.
Bernie Whelan to be JTO representative with Grant Hannis as alternate. Bernie and Alison Oosterman to be part of moderation panels: alternates Phil McCarthy or Craig Tiriana.
Greg Treadwell to be Jeanz vice president.